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The number of Japanese celebrities joining Instagram grows more and more.
This website has made a comprehensive list of those Japanese celebrities and their accounts.
This list will be constantly updated so as to stay relevant with the times.

Check out the list and if we’ve missed anyone let us know in the comment section.

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February 17,2017 TV personality/Idol(Female) Ayana Shinozaki
February 17,2017 TV personality/Idol(Female) Yume Hazuki
February 17,2017 Athlete Joji Kato
February 17,2017 Voice Actor/Voice Actress Mie Sonozaki
February 16,2017 Comedian Hiroki Ijichi

Japanese celebritiey instagrams account list

TV personality/Idol(Male) TV personality/Idol(Female) J-POP(Musician/Songwriter) Actor/Actress Comedian Model
Athlete Comic Artist Author Businessman Voice Actor/Voice Actress Artist
Announcer Journalist Foreign Celebrity Korean Celebrity The Other


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